blueberry muffins and whisk oven mitts

a little bit about me.

Hi! My name is Anna. Some people call me Michelle. Others know me as Anna Michelle. I’m a creative. I like to make things pretty. For ten years (2004 – 2014) I ran my own brand Kitsch’n Glam and sold stuff worldwide (my aprons were really big in Japan) before selling it to Wild Eye Designs up in Toronto. Now instead of holding tens of thousands of dollars in inventory, I prefer to offer a service. Acting Smacting. I do the on-camera and voiceover thing now, and am represented by Heyman Talent in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.

I’m a professor’s wife, a mom of three kids, and I’m constantly juggling many projects. I love jazz music, anything that comes in rainbow, and the mid-century modern aesthetic. I’m a sewist, a renovator/property manager, and a dreamer. I also love improvising silly songs…and eating blueberry muffins!

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