Polished, upbeat, hip, and fun are the voice quality strengths that bring the page to life in this talent. Available for animation, toys and games, and commercial voiceover work, as well as singing and audiobook narration.

Anna’s ease in taking direction, focused attention to nuance, and dynamic variances are all backed by over 24 years of classical training in piano, flute and singing she draws on.

Anna has firsthand B2B and B2C marketing insights from over a decade as a successful entrepreneur, designer, and manufacturer who launched her own lifestyle brand sold in specialty boutique stores worldwide – including Anthropologie, Paper Source, Newbury Comics and Macy’s Herald Square. 

Anna is thrilled to combine her business background and love of performance on VO projects from her professional home studio in Columbus, Ohio and is available for realtime direction via Skype and Source Connect.

Neumann TLM 102 : Steinberg UR 12 : Adobe Audition : Apple MacBook Air

Marvin's Monster Diary
Timmy's Monster Diary
Marvin's Monster Diary 2
Brands I’ve worked for…

Anna Michelle Wang is multi-talented, creative to her core, and an absolute pleasure to work with. I am constantly wowed by her acting acumen and range. She brings a depth of spirit, a high standard of excellence, and a creative can-do magic to everything she touches.

Jenessa Joffe

Jenessa Joffe


Anna gave our piece the spark it needed to kick it off properly, but more importantly she was a joy to work with and put our principal talent (a young boy) at ease under the lights. She didn't have a small part in our shoot day, she had the biggest part. Don't be fooled by her brief appearance in the end product—she added value that went well beyond those two lines. Bravo Anna, thanks again!

Andy Nick

Andy Nick

Real Art

Anna Wang is one of those rare artists who understands every end of the business. There isn't anything she can't do.

Kerrie Obert

Kerrie Obert

Get Vocal Now!

It is always a pleasure to work with the super talented, Anna Michelle Wang. Our sessions are always a collaborative and fun burst of creativity.

Roy Yokelson

Roy Yokelson

Antland Productions

I submitted this for a unique talent casting call. 🤪🤷🏻‍♀️ step one in getting back into the monitor after being sidetracked by doing a musical, building puppets, and nursing my ouchy shoulder. 😬🥳

I had so much fun doing it…and am now tempted by the thought of trying to improvise little bits and bobs around a different word each time. Teehee. I’m great at coming up with new challenges for myself! 😜

Come see me as Mother and my eldest daughter @libertykidvo as the bully Dill! We open in less than two weeks! 🤩🥳

@mskristinawong is such an inspiration! She builds a shadow fema sewing masks during the pandemic, busts her ass writing and performing solo shows, wins tons of grants & awards, garners the praise of reviewers everywhere – living, breathing, writing, performing her art- on zoom, across the country, at fancy LA venues. It’s been 20? years that we’ve known each other, I’ve been a photographer for her, friend, co-producer, puppeteer, her interior designer…but she has remained constant- channeling so much humor, brilliance, vulnerability, social commentary into her art.

This is my dear friend for whom I am so pleased/thrilled/ecstatic! Congratulations on closing Kristina Wong Sweatshop Overlord at the New York Theatre Workshop!! 😻💃🏻🥳 I can’t wait to see what happens next, ms nytimes critics pick! 🤩

Chin In My Hand – Orange Hipster (stalker) Puppet

Marigold is singing to her unrequited love. Song from @submissionsonly by #katewetherhead and @gwonster

This is puppet music video number five for my ambitious goal of 30.

Builder, Marigold Puppeteer, Singer: me
Stylist & Puppeteers: @hi_im_langston @e.mo1028
Production Assistants: liberty & sonnet
Backing Track: @pianotrax

#puppet #puppets #singingpuppet #musicvideo #singingvideo #musicaltheatre #puppeteer #puppeteers #soprano #puppetbuilder #singer #asianactor #asianamericanartist #asianamericanactor #asianamericanactress #orangehair #orangeskin